The Brand

We are dreamers. Story of the brand began in 2010 with a small atelier but a great conception. The simple idea in our minds is to share our experience to make the most incredible moment of your life even more remarkable. We dare to create unique and exceptional pieces in order to maintain the profound magic of each wedding. Our brand is a tight team of high-class professionals, craftsmen and gifted artisans. We put our souls into each dress while creating the astonishing beauty that helps us make these special moments truly breathtaking.

Inspired by your happiness we create design which holds extraordinary allure of grace and beauty for every bride. Right here in Louise Bridal atelier we know how a woman should like to feel and be seen during this exceptional day to make this day unforgettable.

Our passion is to touch your heart and be a witness of your delight by introducing our dreams that were embodied in fabrics. Love and traditions of our own family help us to share this unbelievable experience of making each wedding stand beyond any expectations. Just like you have dreamed.

Alex & Nathalie.